The company ‘RMI-Pharmacokinetics’ was founded in 2007 by the owner, Dr. Bob Ings, and was originally based in Redwood City, CA, USA, central to the Bay area biotechnology community. In 2008, RMI-Pharmacokinetics became a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and in the year 2010 RMI-Pharmacokinetics relocated to Carlsbad near San Diego, CA, USA, another major hub for the biotechnology industry.

  Carlsbad is a coastal city north of San Diego and south of Los Angeles accessible by air from the international airports of San Diego (SAN) or Los Angeles (LAX), by road (Interstate 5) and by rail. It is central to the innovative and vibrant biotechnology communities of both San Diego and Los Angeles. Also, in the vicinity, there are a number of internationally renowned Research Institutions and Organizations that promote and cultivate the innovation necessary for a biotechnology industry to thrive. These include UCSD, UCLA, the Scripps Research Institute and the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences.